What is the main goal of briquettes plant project?

This project is called “Biomass Briquettes Plant” and is simply a process of converting Agricultural raw material (Agro waste) into biomass Briquettes/Bio-coal.
Main goal of this project is reuse bio waste. Using this waste we can make the biomass Briquettes. This briquette is natural green fuel. it is not harmful compare to another fossil fuel.

Bio fuel is best alternative of fossil fuel.

Bio fuel is best alternative of fossil fuel.

Using this project we can reuse of agro and forestry waste. And save the environment. The fuel is very demand able in the market but the supplies of sources are limited. This has made a huge gap between the demand and supply of energy. This renewable energy briquette is the ultimate solution, which can fill this gap.
Main concept of this project is reuse of Agricultural raw material (Agro waste) which is making bio-Coal. This renewable source briquettes of energy is best for healthy environment. This project is complete Eco-friendly green energy. This briquette is pollution free because there is not used sulfur or any binder. Using this project we can convert low density into high density. We can say that “Use the  wastage which are reusable and better for our environment”. In last, using of this Briquettes plant project project we can save of our environment.

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Janmashtami Greetings!!!

On the auspicious birthday of Lord Krishna,
May the blessings of the Almighty bring joy, prosperity and happiness in your life.

Briquettes machine sellerCelebrating Janmashtami festival

Briquettes machine sellerCelebrating Janmashtami festival

We the Briquetting Equipment manufacturer celebrating the janmashtami with our Employee. Our Product is Biomass briquettes making machine, shredder machine and turbo dryer for biomass drying process.


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Independence Day wishes from JK- “The Briquetting Project Seller”

Happy Independence Day from Briquetting machine seller

Happy Independence Day from Briquetting machine seller

The day of 15th August from 1947 in India has become a very special day in the Indian history. It was the great day of year 1947 when India became free after many hard effort and sacrifices of the Indian freedom fighters. We won independence after a hard effort. When India got its independence, the Indian public has chosen their first Prime Minister, Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru who had unfurled the tricolor National Flag at the Red Fort in the national capital, New Delhi for the first time. All the Indian people celebrate this important day with great happiness every year.

It’s Our Duty to make Proud India by doing various activities for Our Country. India is making Progress in the field of Business gradually. As India is Agricultural country, we have an option to use this agricultural waste such a way that farmer also can do a business of this waste.

Briquetting Machine is a Recycling machine which is used to recycle such agricultural waste into bio coal briquettes which Eco-friendly and non-polluting bio fuel. Such bio fuel briquettes can save our earth from pollution and green house effect. Bio coal briquettes also can make our farmer rich and can help to increase India economy.

We JK – Leading Manufacturer of Briquetting Machine Wish you all Happy Independence Day…and suggest you all to celebrate this day such ways that help to progress of our country…

Happy Independence Day!!!

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How to use Biomass Briquetting Press?

As we know Biomass Briquetting Press is used to manufacture Bio fuel Briquettes from Farming and Forestry waste which cannot be used further or can be used as fuel. Now here question is that how to use this Briquetting Press?
Briquetting Press is operating on the basis of Binder Less Technology means it’s not using any binder to bind the raw material into solid form Briquettes. Briquetting Press need a fix Place to start the Briquetting Process. Foundation of Briquetting Press is placed in fix area. A Land Layout requirement for Briquetting Press Project is 4000 to 5000 Sq. Mt.

landlayout of Briquetting Press Project

land layout of Briquetting Press Project

Here, 1 is Briquetting Press Foundation area of 16′ x 5′.
2 is Shed for Biomass Briquetting Press of area 25′ x 30′ x 15′.
3 is kept Space for another Briquetting Press.
4 is Cooling Line for Biomass Briquettes/White Coal.
5 is Shed for Bio coal Briquettes/White Coal of area 40′ x 40′ x 20′.
6 is Entry Gate of size 15′ Long.
7 is Two Smaller Room of size 10′ x 10′ for office room.
8 is Compound Wall.
9 is 3 to 4 Smaller Rooms for Labor quarter.
10 is Shed for Raw Material Storage with size of 60′ x 40′ x 20′.
11 is Conveyor for Raw Material Feeding.
12 is Open Space for Raw Material Storage.

We are offering Briquetting Press with full foundation Details and we also send one person with machine o make our client understand about foundation and how to use Briquetting Press.We believe to provide best Service to our customer and Customer satisfaction…

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Friendship Day celebration by JKMT – A Leading Manufacturer of Briquetting Equipments!!

Briquettes machine seller celebrates Friendship Day!!

Briquettes machine seller celebrates Friendship Day!!

We celebrate Friendship Day Because Our Employees are not behaving like Colleagues but they are working like Friends…

Friendship Day is celebrated on first Sunday of August every year. The tradition of dedicating a day in respect of friends started in US in 1935. Gradually the celebration gained popularity and nowadays Friendship Day is celebrated in many countries including India. On this day people spend time with their friends and express care and love for them. Exchange of Friendship Day Gifts like flowers, cards and wrist bands is a popular tradition of this occasion.

Today, we are celebrating this friendship day with our Employees in our Premises. We celebrate this day because Employees of JKMT working as a Group of friends not as Colleagues. And Reality is also the same that in our working life, we passed most of the time with our colleagues instead of the friends and we enjoyed our work if colleges are like friends. Also we give first Priority to our Employees happiness and that’s why we are celebrating a day of Friendship!!!

We are leading manufacturer of Briquetting Equipments with all supporting briquetting machinery. People are not much aware about such machine. It is a machine of converting forestry and farming waste into renewable energy contains solid fuel “Briquettes” without using any chemical. Briquettes making process using Briquetting Equipments known as Briquetting Process and such briquetting process works on the basis of Binder Less Technology because it’s not using chemical to bind waste. Size and moisture level of Agro-forestry waste used in briquetting process must in some limits if it’s not then Supporting Briquetting Machinery are used to process the waste.

We JKMT wish you all a very Happy Friendship Day and we thank you all to support us and for being with us!!!!!

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3 Supporting Briquettes Equipments used in Briquettes Plant Project

Briquettes Plant Project is a project to produce Solid Bio fuel coal Briquettes. Briquettes are Best substitute of B grade coal or black coal and its Eco-friendly coal. Briquettes are produced by Briquettes Machine from Agro-forestry waste. These loose biomass waste is combine without using any kind of Chemical. Briquettes plant project used Agro-forestry waste as an input raw material. Briquettes machine can process on raw material if it’s in fix size and with fix moisture level. If it’s not in fix range than some addition briquettes Equipment are required.

3 supporting Briquetting Equipment are:  

  1. Biomass Crushing Machine
  2. Biomass Turbo Dryer Machine
  3. Rotary Drum Dryer Machine

Biomass Crushing Machine:

Biomass Crushing Machine

Biomass crushing Machine

  • Biomass waste used in Briquettes Plant Project must be in fixed size. There are different models of Briquettes Machines Available in the market. Each model has some fix size input capacity. For ex. Jumbo 9075 Briquettes Machine can process on raw material with size up to 25mm, Supreme 75 Briquettes Machine can process on raw material with size 10 mm and Super 65 Briquettes model with 8-10 mm.
  • Biomass crushing machine also known as Wood Shredder Machine, Wood Cutter Machine, Chopper Machine, Shredding Machine etc.
  • Biomass Crusher can be cut raw material up to 3” Diameter and output raw material size is 10 mm.
  • Production capacity of Biomass Crushing Machine is 2 to 2.5 ton/hr.

Biomass Turbo Dryer Machine:

Biomass Turbo Dryer Machine

Biomass Turbo Dryer Machine


  • Biomass waste used in Briquettes Plant Project must be with fix moisture level. For all briquettes machine, input raw material moisture level must be in 8-12%.
  • Maximum input raw material moisture level 35% and output raw material contains moisture level of 15%.
  • Moisture Evaporation capacity of Biomass Turbo Dryer is 450 kg/hr. and output capacity is 1500 kg/hr.




Rotary Drum Dryer Machine: 

Biomass Rotary Dryer Machine

Biomass Rotary Dryer Machine

  • It is also used for Drying of Raw material used in briquettes plant project but it can also dry the raw material with high moisture level up to 50%.
  • Evaporation is done by bringing Raw material into direct contact with heated gas.
  • Rotary Drum Dryer is also known as rotary kiln.



JK Machine Tools Manufacturers these all Supporting Briquettes Equipments in Rajkot, Gujarat and it is also seller and Exporter of this Briquettes Equipments with full Briquettes Plant Project.

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Wish Each other Doctor’s Day…Because we are Doctor of Our Environment!!

Doctordays wishes from briquettes equipments Sellers

Doctordays wishes from briquettes equipments sellers and manufacturers

Doctors lead a Hectic Lifestyle to Keep Us Healthy. As a result they hardly get Any Time to Take Care of Their Own Health. On this Doctor’s Day, We all should resolve to Take Care of Our Doctor and Wish them Good Health to Show Our Appreciation for Their Service to Mankind.We always wish a good health for our body and we are trying best for our health.

Everyone is aware about the health of our environment. It’s worst due to green house effect and smog. We can save our earth because we only the doctor of our earth and we know the treatment of it still we haven’t use it. But it’s time to use treatment and cure the sickness of our earth.

Start your duty by doing anything which can help to save earth and started it today itself. You can do an Eco- business also which give you money and give earth a healthy environment. One of Eco-businesses is Producing and using Briquettes Equipments. Briquettes Equipments are like Briquettes Machines. Briquettes Press, Biomass Crushing Machines, Biomass Turbo Dryer Machine. These Equipments are used to generating coal Briquettes from Agro-forestry waste without using any chemical. So, Briquettes Equipments process also known as Binder Less Technology.

Because it is Eco-Business, Government gives tax Exemption for 5 years, Loans and subsidies. So, Briquettes Equipments Project is beneficial to us and earth too.

You can use any method which you like but do at least one method for mother Earth and for us also because without healthy environment we cannot be healthy. Let’s Be a Doctor…

Happy Doctor’s Day!!!!

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Celebration of 21st Anniversary of Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools

Briquetting Machine Manufacturer

21st Anniversary of Briquetting Machine Manufacturers and sellers

On 25th June of 1994, Jay Khodiyar has been founded by Mr. Sanjay Tilala with a long-term Vision. It’s started to produce a product used to produce bio fuel. This is a solid bio fuel called Briquettes. And Product made by Jay Khodiyar known as Briquetting Plant Project. Briquetting Plant Project Produce Renewable Briquettes so it’s consider as one of the renewable Project and Go green Project. Jay Khodiyar has own Brand Known as”JK” and it started with a Briquetting Plant Super 65 – a small production capacity based machine.

As demand rise of Briquetting Plant, JK started to produce Supreme 75 and Jumbo 9075 Briquetting Plant. They give high production compare to super 65. Sometimes, Briquetting Plant also needs some supporting Briquetting Machinery like Biomass Rotary Machine, Turbo Drying Machine and Crusher Machines. JK also manufactures Briquetting Machinery with latest Technology. Jumbo 9075 manufactured with latest technology like siren and sensor.

In starting years of establishment, JK supply Briquetting Plant to only in India but after some years JK started to Export Briquetting Plant in many Countries like Ghana, Uganda, Pakistan Etc.

Today is our 21st Anniversary and we are heartily thanking to God, Employee, All Customers and every person who help and support us for this progress. Thank You!!!

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Briquettes Press Machines: New innovation in the world to generate Renewable Briquettes

Briquette Machine Models Manufacturers

Briquette Machine Models Manufacturers

Almost each and every farming and forestry process produces waste which has no longer use. Sometimes these waste used as fuel in industries or in other thermal applications in theirs loose form. We can use these waste in better way by binding these bio waste. This agro-forestry waste can be bind using biomass briquettes press machines. Biomass Briquetting is a process of pressing the agro-forestry waste using briquettes machinery.

Briquettes machinery binds the waste into a solid bio fuel form also called Briquettes or White coal. Briquettes have higher density and higher thermal practical value than Black coal. Biomass Briquettes are perfect replacement to black coal and wood lignite, for heating system and steam generation. It is much better than other polluter fuels which damage the environment cycle.

In order to help workers to get an overall and clear idea about the process of briquette making plant, all of us visit the biomass briquette plants. This is the new innovation in the world and has curiosity about everything. The briquette plant manufacturers or exporters of the plant show us around, the design center, assembly department, R&D department and parts processing. The briquette press manufacturer says design of the machine is the key part in briquette making, and should make sure it matches with the advanced technology and production cost.

Briquette machine suppliers have their best to develop the Biomass briquettes plant which the people require in daily life. Briquettes machines are becoming most important need and demand of our every country to make our world’s economy stronger. Government offers various subsidies and incentives on this whole project and other private banks giving loan in this project.

In the current era, Briquette press machines manufacturers are making best briquettes machinery as per client’s prerequisite and requirement. Use this Briquettes machinery for waste prevention with environmental safety.

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Briquetting Press Machine Seller wish you: Happy World Environment Day!!

Briquetting Press Machine Seller celebrates Environment Day!!

Briquetting Press Machine Seller celebrates Environment Day!!

The principal World Environment Day occurred in 1973, roused by the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment that occurred the prior year beginning on June 5th. Every year the United Nations pick a topic and a host city where natural points can be examined , took after by various types of displays and presentations to advance ecological mindfulness, from numerous points of view fundamentally the same to Earth Day. This year (2015) World Earth Day exchanges will be facilitated by Italy, and the subject is “Seven Billion Dreams”. One Planet Purchaser with Care, earthy people, scholastics and researchers will meet up to convey new thoughts to the table concerning nature.

We Biomass Briquetting Press Machine seller wish you all Happy World Environment Day!!

Biomass Briquetting Press Machine produces the White coal Briquettes which are made from the Agriculture & forestry waste which leads it to the benefits to many of the people directly or indirectly connected to the Briquetting Press Machine or White coal Briquettes.

People like farmers, investor who set up a Briquetting Plant Project, government, population of that country. Briquettes are made from waste of Agriculture & forestry waste this is a waste which are of no further use so they will either burned it or are decayed which creates the pollution either in form of land pollution or air pollution.

So it is of no use to them so better to use it for creating some innovative i.e. Biomass Briquettes. As it has a dual benefits like also farmers of India are generally found to be poor so by selling the residue they can also some of the money & think about the better future & in long run they will also motivate to do more agriculture as they are also earning from the waste. And another benefit can be that the person will also easily get the raw material from farmers.

And Briquettes have no sulfur contains, No ash Contains, high calorific value etc. It means Briquettes are Eco- friendly and non-polluting best alternative of fossil fuel. Use Eco-friendly Briquettes or any Bio fuel and prevent our environment to be polluted.

Celebrate Environment Day and Save Environment..Save Earth…

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