Celebration of 21st Anniversary of Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools

Briquetting Machine Manufacturer

21st Anniversary of Briquetting Machine Manufacturers and sellers

On 25th June of 1994, Jay Khodiyar has been founded by Mr. Sanjay Tilala with a long-term Vision. It’s started to produce a product used to produce bio fuel. This is a solid bio fuel called Briquettes. And Product made by Jay Khodiyar known as Briquetting Plant Project. Briquetting Plant Project Produce Renewable Briquettes so it’s consider as one of the renewable Project and Go green Project. Jay Khodiyar has own Brand Known as”JK” and it started with a Briquetting Plant Super 65 – a small production capacity based machine.

As demand rise of Briquetting Plant, JK started to produce Supreme 75 and Jumbo 9075 Briquetting Plant. They give high production compare to super 65. Sometimes, Briquetting Plant also needs some supporting Briquetting Machinery like Biomass Rotary Machine, Turbo Drying Machine and Crusher Machines. JK also manufactures Briquetting Machinery with latest Technology. Jumbo 9075 manufactured with latest technology like siren and sensor.

In starting years of establishment, JK supply Briquetting Plant to only in India but after some years JK started to Export Briquetting Plant in many Countries like Ghana, Uganda, Pakistan Etc.

Today is our 21st Anniversary and we are heartily thanking to God, Employee, All Customers and every person who help and support us for this progress. Thank You!!!

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