How to use Biomass Briquetting Press?

As we know Biomass Briquetting Press is used to manufacture Bio fuel Briquettes from Farming and Forestry waste which cannot be used further or can be used as fuel. Now here question is that how to use this Briquetting Press?
Briquetting Press is operating on the basis of Binder Less Technology means it’s not using any binder to bind the raw material into solid form Briquettes. Briquetting Press need a fix Place to start the Briquetting Process. Foundation of Briquetting Press is placed in fix area. A Land Layout requirement for Briquetting Press Project is 4000 to 5000 Sq. Mt.

landlayout of Briquetting Press Project

land layout of Briquetting Press Project

Here, 1 is Briquetting Press Foundation area of 16′ x 5′.
2 is Shed for Biomass Briquetting Press of area 25′ x 30′ x 15′.
3 is kept Space for another Briquetting Press.
4 is Cooling Line for Biomass Briquettes/White Coal.
5 is Shed for Bio coal Briquettes/White Coal of area 40′ x 40′ x 20′.
6 is Entry Gate of size 15′ Long.
7 is Two Smaller Room of size 10′ x 10′ for office room.
8 is Compound Wall.
9 is 3 to 4 Smaller Rooms for Labor quarter.
10 is Shed for Raw Material Storage with size of 60′ x 40′ x 20′.
11 is Conveyor for Raw Material Feeding.
12 is Open Space for Raw Material Storage.

We are offering Briquetting Press with full foundation Details and we also send one person with machine o make our client understand about foundation and how to use Briquetting Press.We believe to provide best Service to our customer and Customer satisfaction…

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