What is the main goal of briquettes plant project?

This project is called “Biomass Briquettes Plant” and is simply a process of converting Agricultural raw material (Agro waste) into biomass Briquettes/Bio-coal.
Main goal of this project is reuse bio waste. Using this waste we can make the biomass Briquettes. This briquette is natural green fuel. it is not harmful compare to another fossil fuel.

Bio fuel is best alternative of fossil fuel.

Bio fuel is best alternative of fossil fuel.

Using this project we can reuse of agro and forestry waste. And save the environment. The fuel is very demand able in the market but the supplies of sources are limited. This has made a huge gap between the demand and supply of energy. This renewable energy briquette is the ultimate solution, which can fill this gap.
Main concept of this project is reuse of Agricultural raw material (Agro waste) which is making bio-Coal. This renewable source briquettes of energy is best for healthy environment. This project is complete Eco-friendly green energy. This briquette is pollution free because there is not used sulfur or any binder. Using this project we can convert low density into high density. We can say that “Use the  wastage which are reusable and better for our environment”. In last, using of this Briquettes plant project project we can save of our environment.

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